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Shenzhen Sanxinbao Semiconductor Lighting Co., Ltd.

Manufacturers LED grow lights and LED aquarium lights

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    532, Area 3, B Building, Mingyou Ind. Purchasing Center, Baoyuan Road, Xixiang Street, Baoan, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
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Company Profile
Sanxinbao Lighting is one of the top developers and manufacturers of LED grow lights and LED aquarium lights in China. Founded in 2011, Sanxinbao continues to grow and offer a wide range of high performance, cost effective aquarium and horticultural lighting solutions. With an emphasis on sustainable practices, responsible manufacturing and unparalleled innovation in product design, Sanxinbao Lighting has carved out a niche in the lighting indusry. The EverGrow brand has been established to illustrate the company's commitment to its customers. Sanxinbao also partner with global first-tier vendors to offer them cost-effective and competitive customer-tailored OEM/ODM solutions by harnessing the power of Sanxinbao's expertise in LED lighting.

Sanxinbao LED lighting solutions for horticultural Lighting are designed to improve plant growth by stimulating photosynthesis with different wavelengths. The Evergrow high power LED grow lights deliver the full spectrum of light to mimic natural sunlight as well as high photosynthetic photon flux (PPF) in the wavelengths suited for the different stages of plant growth. The energy efficiency and plant-specific PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) light tuning capabilities make a significant difference in the horticulture industry including increased yields, earlier flowering, faster root growth, and significantly reduced operation cost. The company's high value opens up new possibilities for a vast array of applications including hydroponics, controlled environment agriculture (CEA), floriculture, and city farming.

Sanxinbao's cutting edge LED aquarium lighting systems provide a balanced formula of LED lighting for optimal photosynthetic activity, plant growth and viewing. The great color rendition and a plethora of lighting effects bring out the hidden beauty of blue water and vivid colors of coral with the specially created multi-spectrum lighting for planted aquariums. These LED aquarium lights can dynamically replicate the natural shimmer of the sun and moon to meet the optimal photosynthetic requirements at a fraction of the operation costs of using the conventional fluorescent lighting.

Sanxinbao has experienced in-house engineers who are available to help you develop new cutting edge technologies, enhance reliability, solve integration challenges, and optimize cost structure. With its own 12,000 square meter manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen, Sanxinbao's OEM/ODM manufacturing solutions transform innovative technology and creative design into superior products that incorporate the most desired features and market competitiveness.
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